7 Core steps you should consider for Caravan Maintenance

Carrying out regular caravan maintenance is essential if you want to enjoy your home away from home for years to come. From rust prevention to regular professional maintenance, it is all critical! Read on for a basic overview of here are some tips for keeping your caravan in tip-top shape.

Prevent Rust, Mould and Moisture

In Australia, the intensity and range of environments (from salty sea air to red sands and rivers) mean that your pride and joy will be exposed to elements. Rust is usually caused by exposure to moisture and can be expensive to restore if not caught early. To prevent rust, check for any mud or dirt build-up (including seeds, plants, or bugs) that may have accumulated on the exterior. Additionally, touch up any chipped or peeling paintwork and store your RV in a dry place when not in use. To keep the dust and moisture away, buy a caravan cover and remember to remove it after rain to prevent humidity. If you have the space to store it undercover such as in a garage, that’s even better.

Finally, remove all food from your caravan to prevent them from attracting pests such as rats and cockroaches. Once they get into your hybrid caravan, rats can nest, destroy wiring, and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage rendering the caravan unusable. Before storing, ensure you give the caravan a complete head-to-toe clean, including leaving fridge doors ajar to avoid mould build-up and odours.


Unchecked mould is a serious issue. Especially with our humid climes here in Queensland, mould can also be a real problem in caravans. Mould can cause health problems and destroy interiors and organic materials in your caravan, so it’s essential to prevent it from growing in the first place. To prevent mould, keep your caravan well-ventilated and use a dehumidifier if necessary. Clean your caravan regularly and remove any damp items, such as towels or clothes, as soon as possible.

Check Tyres

It is crucial to inspect the tyre pressure of your caravan, including the spare ones, to ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road. It is possible that the tyres may have deteriorated over time due to weathering, especially if they have been in storage for a while. It is not enough to only check the tyre pressure; you must also look for any signs of damage, such as cracks or bulges in the walls and tread of the tyres. If you are uncertain, it is advisable to consult a tyre expert who can inspect and replace them if necessary, regardless of how much tread is left. High-quality tyres are critical to ensure your travel experience is safe and comfortable, particularly if you plan to travel a long distance from home. Additionally, it is essential to remember to inspect the spare tyres as well.

Be Mindful of Towing Weight

It’s essential to be mindful of the total weight of your off-road toy hauler trailer, both for safety and economic reasons. Try not to tow with full water tanks, as this can increase wear and tear on your vehicle and cost more to run. Instead, plan your trip so that you have enough water and then regularly fill up at caravan parks as you go along. Additionally, check safety chains and shackles for cracks and rust and ensure they’re rated correctly.

Inspect Gas, Power, and Water Storage Regularly

It’s essential to regularly inspect the gas, electrics, and water storage in your caravan. Before departure, be sure to test all the appliances and check for leaks. Check the electrics, including all running lights, and replace any broken bulbs. Finally, empty stale water from your water tanks and flush the system to prevent contamination.

Gas: When it comes to gas, be sure to check the cylinder and regulator for damage, rust or leaks. Also, check the connections for tightness and use soapy water to detect any leaks. Remember that gas is highly flammable, so always turn off the supply when not in use.

Power: Regularly check your caravan’s electrical system, including the battery, charger and inverter. Test all outlets and switches to ensure they’re working correctly.

Caravan water tank maintenance: Your caravan’s water tanks need a good flush and clean out before filling, particularly if they’ve been sitting for some time. While you’re there, check the operation of the pump to ensure it’s ready to go too. It’s also wise to drain the tanks on your last leg before home so that all of the stored water exits the tanks before it sits at home, thus preventing contamination from stagnating water.

Professional maintenance is key

Boss Adventure Caravans are designed and made specifically to thrive in the great and varied Australian landscape.

To ensure that your caravan operates at its optimal level, it is important to perform regular professional maintenance, just like you would for the vehicle that is towing it. This preventive measure helps to prevent minor issues from developing into larger and more costly problems. Boss Adventure Caravans has a dedicated team of experts available to answer any questions, from mobile caravan maintenance to finding the ideal off-road toy hauler trailer setup – and everything in between. 

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